Who are we?
Northern Colorado Homeschool Association (NCHA) is a  non-profit group for homeschooling parents and children of all ages. The majority of our families live along the Northern Colorado Front Range (Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland Area). We are an inclusive, secular, eclectic, local, member-run organization that honors the diversity of homeschoolers and provides a supportive community for our members.
Our reasons for homeschooling differ, as do our styles and approaches to education. What we share is a respect for all learners and a desire to support one another. We welcome anyone who has an interest in educating their children at home to join our group.
Enjoy a variety of subgroups and clubs within NCHA. Members create their own meetups and groups according to their children's interests.  Popular groups have included crafting, writing, or meeting up with other tweens/teens.
Members enjoy our weekly park days, field trips, classes, and  teen activities throughout the year.  Some of our traditional annual events are the Not-Back-to-School picnic, field day, science fair, and holiday parties for the kids.
Our Facebook online community provides communication and support for all members.  Ask for advice, input on curriculum, or just chat with other homeschoolers.  If you prefer to chat offline, our weekly park days are perfect.
We'd love to get to know you.
Membership is available to all parents or guardians who are currently homeschooling their children or plan to begin homeschooling in the near future. 
As a member,  you can participate in NCHA activities and events and connect with many homeschool families in the area.  Our private Facebook group provides a place to ask any homeschooling questions you might have, access our calendar and share resources.  You will also find helpful resources, such as State of Colorado testing requirements and resources,  curriculum information, and local enrichment programs.  Our membership dues are $5/yr per family*.  Click on the button below to join.
* If your family qualifies for Medicaid coverage, membership dues can be waived at your request.
To request the waiver, simply click to join or renew and request a waiver and indicate your request on the membership form.
Whether you are new to homeschooling or new to our state,  you'll need to learn about Colorado's laws regarding homeschooling.
Here are some key points:
  • You must submit a letter of intent 14 days prior to starting your homeschool program.
  • Home school programs must have no less than 172 days of instruction, averaging 4 contact hours per day.
  • Students who are participating in a home school program must have academic progress evaluated in grades 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. Students can take a nationally standardized achievement test or a qualified person can be selected by the parent to evaluate the student’s academic progress.
For more information, please visit the Colorado Department of Education website.