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NCHA Membership Agreement and Policies

(REVISED 9/15/17)

Who We Are

Northern Colorado Homeschool Association is a group of homeschooling parents and children (aged infant through high school). The majority of our families live on the Northern Colorado Front Range (Fort Collins - Loveland Area). We are an inclusive, secular, eclectic, local, member-run organization that honors the diversity of homeschoolers.


Our reasons for homeschooling differ, as do our styles of and approaches to education. What we share is a respect for all learners and a desire to support one another. We welcome anyone who has an interest in educating their children at home.


NCHA is organized as a non-profit and is run by a member-elected board.


Membership Policies


1. General Respect: We are an inclusive, secular, eclectic organization that honors the diversity of homeschoolers. Members should be respectful in communications to the group and to group members.  The Board has the right to terminate a person’s membership if a member is disrespectful or disruptive.


2. Membership qualification: We require that parents or guardians are currently homeschooling their child(ren) or plan to begin homeschooling in the near future.


3. Membership Information: We require that members complete a membership form upon joining.  Members need to renew annually if they want to continue to be part of the group.


4. Appropriate Use of Information:  Posts, comments, and events in the private NCHA online discussion group or forum are intended only for current NCHA members and are not to be shared with non-members by anyone other than the person posting them.  Events that are clearly labeled as being open to non-members are excepted.


5. Dues: Membership dues offset organizational operating costs and some event costs.  Dues are non-refundable.


Membership Cards

Printable membership cards are available in the Files section of the forum.  Although a card is not required, it may be helpful with receiving educator discounts at local stores.


Member Directory

The following information is shared privately with current members only:

Primary Member: First and Last Name, City/Town of Residence, Phone Number

Partner/Spouse: First and Last Name

Children: First Name, Gender, Age

Members may not copy, sell, or distribute our member contact information, nor use personal contact information for business, commercial, or advertising purposes.

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