Your guide to NCHA

1. Please tell me about your homeschool program/co-op.

We're actually a homeschool association, not a program nor a co-op.
This is confusing to many people, so here are some basic descriptions of each.
A homeschool association is a group of homeschooling families who come together for various purposes, such as to provide support, resources, and networking opportunities for homeschooling parents and their children. Homeschool associations may also offer workshops, conferences, and other educational events, as well as advocacy and legislative efforts to protect the rights of homeschooling families (NCHA does offer educational and social events). In some cases (but not NCHA's), homeschool associations may also serve as an umbrella organization for homeschooling families, providing legal and administrative support for homeschooling.

A homeschool program is a curriculum or educational plan designed for students who are being educated at home. Homeschool programs can vary widely in terms of the educational approach, content, and structure, and can be tailored to the specific needs and interests of the individual student.

A co-op is a group of individuals or families who come together to pool their resources and talents to achieve a common goal. Homeschool co-ops can take many different forms and structures, but they typically involve a group of families who meet regularly to share their expertise and resources in teaching various subjects. For example, one family may be particularly skilled in teaching science, while another may be talented in teaching art. By working together, families can share their strengths and provide a well-rounded education for all the children in the group. Co-ops can be formed by members within a homeschool association, and have been formed within the NCHA at times.
We're still a pretty fun bunch. Think of us like your quirky, knowledge-loving friend who always has a great book recommendation for you. We're here to offer support and resources, socialization opportunities for students, a sense of community and support for parents, and occasionally the opportunity to share the cost of educational materials and resources.

2. Do you have kids "x or y" age?

Most likely. The families that make up the NCHA have children spanning all primary school ages, from toddler to teen.

3. Do you offer events?

Yes! We have a small set of core events - events we work hard to make sure happen every year - and we always *highly* encourage members to create the types of events in which they're interested.

4.  Are events always in a specific place or "anchored" in one city?

We are not anchored in one city; we have events around Northern Colorado. Most have been in Fort Collins, Loveland and Windsor, but that doesn't mean they *need* to be. We occasionally have field trips down to Denver and up to Wyoming. It all depends on what's going on and who's hosting, though the Board does try to be mindful of having events not just in Fort Collins so that the onus to travel doesn't always fall on those outside of FoCo. 

5. What types of events do you offer?

Our usual core events are social (Not Back To School Party, a Halloween event, a Winter Holiday crafts event, a Valentine's Day party, and an end-of-school-year/beginning of Summer event). However, the NCHA is run entirely by member volunteers and we *highly* encourage ALL members to create the types of events they want to see in the group. The Board has funds set aside in the budget for programs and events NCHA members want to create.

6. Do members need to have an account on the communication platform? 

Members do not need to have an account on our private communication platform. However, that is the only way to receive announcements, have access to our calendar, and learn about, discuss and plan events. .

7.My kid is interested in (some exciting thing) and they are (some exciting age). 

How fun! We've probably got members with kids interested in that same thing, and we've most likely got members with kids that same age. Jump onto the forum and share about your kids' interests, and ask others with those same interests to meet up with you. Better yet, create an event around your kids' interests! Remember what we said in the second half of #5? We mean that! It's a great way to meet the other families, which is the best way to get the most out of your membership. 

8. Are you accepting new members?

Yes, we are always accepting new members - we do not have a limit on the number of members we will allow. And we accept members year round, so there's no need to wait until the beginning of the traditional school year to join, if you're interested.

9. Can I join even though I don't live in Northern Colorado?

You are certainly welcome to join the NCHA if you feel you wouldn't mind the drive to Northern Colorado to attend events. We've had families from the north Denver area as well as from the south Wyoming area over the years - people who feel the drive is easy (or at least worthwhile).

10. Are there dues? If so, what do they cover? Are there other fees associated with membership?  

Yes, we have dues. Currently, the dues are $10.00 per year. The dues cover membership and pay for the expenses of running the NCHA (website, fees we have to pay to the state, etc.). Some events are also covered by the membership fee, though there are occasional events which require a small fee (ie. a field trip, craft project or class). Per event fees depend on the host and location. However, there are no other fees associated with membership, just $10 once a year. Click here to go to our Membership page.

11. Still have a question?

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